Moroccan street food, which is a staple of the country’s cuisine and attracts both locals and tourists, is an integral part of Morocco’. The most popular street food choices are tagine, couscous, bissara, and msemen.

Morocco’s Iconic Tagine

Chicken Tagine

Tagine, a Moroccan street food, is widely recognized as one of the country’s iconic dishes. The name of this dish comes from the traditional cooking method in an earthenware pot made of metal, which takes its name from “tagine. The Tagine recipe involves adding layers of meat, vegetables and spices that are boiled over a slow process to create spiciness. Some of the most popular choices are chicken tagine with olives, plum and fish tagines.

The Couscous Tradition Of Morocco

Moroccan Couscous

Morocco’s street food is also known as couscous. A dish made from durum wheat semolina and prepared in North Africa, couscous is accompanied by meat, vegetables and a spicy sauce. It has its origins in the region. This dish is often served at family gatherings and social events, thanks to its meticulous cooking skills and artistic presentation. Couscous can be found in chicken couscous, vegetable bouillon, and fish depending on the region. However, it can also be prepared with various herbs and spices for different tastes.

Bissara A tasty bean soup


Moroccan streets are adorned with Bissara, which is a delectable and rich bean soup. Beans are prepared in bissaudation, a cooking method that originates from Berber cuisine and involves the use of spices like cumin, garlic, and olive oil. The soup that locals love is a simple and delicious meal that is typically served with fresh bread.

Moroccan Msemen


Msemen, which are thin and flaky Moroccan pancakes, can be eaten as either a snack or for breakfast. To make msemen crispy and golden on a griddle, one must spread ‘thin-layered’ dough from the semolina, flour, yeast, and butter. Honey or jam is the customary accompaniment for these pancakes, which are a hit with everyone.

The food and cuisine of Morocco are reflected in the variety, complexity, and breadth of street food available. Gourmets worldwide are captivated by every dish, from the mouth-watering tagine to the delectable msemen.

What is tagine?

A tagine, which is a Moroccan meal, is prepared in terracotta pots and often includes meat, vegetables, and spices.

What is Moroccan couscous?

Couscous is a special food from Morocco made with durum wheat semolina. It is served with meat, vegetables, and spicy sauces. It’s well-known in the region.

What are the main ingredients of bissara?

The main ingredients of bissara are beans, cumin, garlic and olive oil.

How are msemen pancakes traditionally served?

Msemen pancakes are traditionally served with honey or jam.

What is the origin of msemen?

Msemen is a traditional Moroccan food that has been eaten for years and comes from Berber roots.