Morocco’s rich history and diverse cultural influences are reflected in the intriguing combination of flavors found within its cuisine. One of the best ways to experience the vibrant culinary community is by dining on street food. Morocco offers a wide range of affordable and tasty food choices, including tagines and grilled meats. We present to you 12 best street foods in Morocco that are both delicious and affordable, all while exploring the vibrant city life of the Moroccans.

1. Bstilla

Bstilla, or pastilla in Moroccan dialect, is characterized by its delicate texture and sweet flavor. It is made up of thin balls filled with seasonings such as chicken or pigeon, almonds and eggs, then sprinkled with cinnamon powder and sugar to finish the delicious treat. A flaky pastry is wrapped around the dish, which features tender meat and crunchy nuts.

2. Harira

Harira, a nutritious soup that is frequently eaten during Ramadan or as part of festive food preparations, is another popular meal. To create this soup, you must include tomatoes and lentils in the recipe along with chickpeas and a blend of spices such as ginger. It’s a popular fast during Ramadan, serving up delectable dishes with added health benefits.

3. Mechoui

Moroccan Mechoui Lamb

Mechoui, a Moroccan street food, is known for its succulent grilled lamb. The meat is cooked on skewers until it turns mushy and tender, with slow cooking. For an extra kick, it is frequently served with freshly baked bread and a side of harissa sauce. Mechoui is the ultimate destination for those who are fond of Moroccan meat.

4. Moroccan Pancakes (Baghrir)

The Moroccan Street food known as baghrir, also referred to as Moroccan crepe or thousand-hole creppe, is widely enjoyed in Morocco. A unique texture is achieved in these sponge cakes when semolina and yeast are combined to create a dough. Often served with honey or spread with jam, they’re delicious as either breakfast for some morning munchies or snack time.

5. Sfenj

The Moroccan donuts known as Sfenj are fried to perfection and garnished with sugar. The chewiness of these delicacies is so impressive that they are frequently served alongside a steaming cup of mint tea. The old town and the bustling markets are both dotted with vendors selling these delicious treats.

6. Grilled Sardines

Sardines are a common sight on Moroccan streets, and seafood plays incredibly important roles in the cuisine of Morocco due to its coastal location. Herb and spice seasoning is used to marinate fresh sardines before grilling them over fire until they are crispy and fragrant. For those who enjoy seafood, these grilled meatless sardines are the perfect accompaniment to some lemon juice and a slice of crispy crust.

7. Kefta Tagine

Traditional Moroccan cuisine, kefta tagine, is prepared by cooking finely ground meat usually lamb or beef into small balls and then tosses it with a delicious tomato sauce. It is often accompanied by a combination of spices such as cumin, paprika, and cinnamon to give the dish its distinct taste. Anytime of the day, kefta tagine is a delicious and comforting option that can be enjoyed with some crispy bread or rice.

8. Msemen

Msemen, a type of traditional Moroccan flatbread, is made by folding and deep-frying dough to perfection. It looks like pancakes, but the texture is more even, and it’s perfect for soaking sauces and stews. Msemen are commonly served with honey or jam for breakfast or stuffed with delectable fillings such as cheese.

9. Moroccan Mint Tea

Moroccan Tea

Moroccan mint tea is a must-have when in Morocco. Fresh mint leaves are infused into green tea and sugar is added to make this refreshing beverage. It is served hot and poured from above, leaving a foamy layer on top. In Morocco, mint tea is a form of hospitality and friendship that goes beyond its taste.

10. Zaalouk

Zaalouk Moroccan dish

The dish Zaalouk, a Moroccan dip, is made by cooking grilled eggplant, tomatoes, garlic, and spices. After softening, the ingredients are whizzed and combined to create a thick, creamy mixture. As an appetizer, zaalouk is often presented on crispy bread or alongside grilled meat or tagines.

11. Moroccan Snail Soup (Babbouche)

Moroccan snail soup, also called babbouche, is a must-try street food for those who are more adventurous. This soup is made with tender snails and spices such as garlic, coriander, and more being added. Often used as a sweet street snack, it is believed to have medicinal properties and can cure common colds and other illnesses.

12. Maakouda

Moroccan-style Maakouda fries are seasoned and come out with crispy edges. Mashed potatoes are seasoned with herbs, spices, meat, and vegetables, then rolled into patties and baked until golden brown. A quick and tasty street snack or stuffed into a sandwich is how Maakouda usually comes in.